Braids, Braidouts and Getting into the Process of Working my Hair

Like I said in my last hair post, I’ve never styled my hair before. It’s always easier to just go to the salon and have the hairdresser worry about it. I did spend final year deep conditioning and washing my hair myself, but actually styling it? I have never done that. So, the fact that since I started my transitioning, most of my styles have been ones that I’ve pulled off by watching Youtube channels and reading blogs, is a thing of great pride for me. IMG_20140505_083937

Take this braidouts for example:  I was so excited when I successfully took out the braids and got this look. It perfectly blends my two textures and neither I nor my friends can tell my natural hair from my relaxed ends apart. And the best part? It’s long lasting, you don’t need to comb it every day and it’s a very good protective style. Wins points on all sides for me :D.

How to Get the Perfect Braidouts

You’ll need:

  • A clean scalp. I’ll advice, deep conditioning, shampooing, conditioning and oiling your scalp with a bit of scalp massage thrown in before starting the braids. A clean scalp is a fresh palate and you can get the most from any style this way.
  • Fingers or a wide toothed comb for parting your hair into sections. I tend to use my fingers because I wanted the hair to have a more messy, not so defined look.
  • A leave in conditioner to apply from root to ends.
  • Oil to seal in the moisture
  • A spritzer with water for damping the hair should it get dry mid braiding.
  • And finally, time and patience to make the braids and take them down. Usually, I work with my hair whilst watching my favourite shows. Doing that just makes me calm down and makes the time fly by. So, learn to work with your hair while doing what you like. It  helps. A lot. Trust me ;).

Getting the Braids Right

  • Part your hair into as many sections as you want. In my own case, my hair is always parted into six sections. That’s what I work with whilst deep conditioning, washing, conditioning and styling. It makes things easier for me.
  • Now take each section, and part into mini sections: two, four, six, etc, which you can, then start braiding. Remember, the tinier the braids, the more kinky your braidouts and the longer they would last for.
  • Don’t worry about making the braids very neat. You’ll get the hang of it, the more times you practice. If you can’t do calabar braids, just search for videos on how to braid hair. There are quite a lot of them on Youtube.

IMG_20140502_084736The braids should look something like this. Sorry, like I said, mine’s a little messy and I’m still learning how to properly braid my hair. I did this on Worker’s Day, last Thursday and actually took it to work like this. There were about 30 braids in all.





Yeah, some people thought I looked less than stellar, and the hair kept getting in my face, so  I pushed a band on it. It sort of tamed the look as you can see. Not bad huh? 🙂




The back of the braids were really messy. Like I said earlier, I didn’t want definition in the parting, so I kind of left it messy, then braided the hair. It doesn’t look too pretty right now, but I did rock it, all through Friday at work.



On Sunday night, whilst watching Strictly Come Dancing on BBC, I got some olive oil, rubbed the strands and carefully began to loosen it. It took about two hours to fully loosen them all, and when I was done, I pineappled it, put it in a satin bonnet and went to bed.

IMG_20140505_083841Monday morning, viola! I got the look at the beginning of the post, and the back of my hair looked exactly like this. Really love the wavy-coily look.





IMG_20140506_090749This was three days with the braidouts. As you can see, the hair still looks gorgeous, and the waves are still there. I put the hair in four big braids every night and in the morning, I mix a bit of water with oil and rub it on the ends of the braids, before loosening it.



The braidouts are more than a week old so far. I haven’t run a comb through it yet. Will put them up in a protective style by Sunday night and will rock that with the ends tucked in till next Saturday which is my wash day.

Braidouts after a week and still looking strong.
Braidouts after a week and still looking strong.

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