Hair Mishap. Talk about biiiiiiig mistake

This is going to be short. Anyway, Saturday was washday for me, and I decided to deep condition because my hair needed it. I’d not properly moisturized my hair in days and it was feeling extremely dry and forgotten. So I detangled  my hair (not carefully, which was my first mistake), and stepped into the bathroom to wash off the product buildup. Used shampoo (another mistake), and stepped out to apply my deep conditioning mix. After putting on the hair therapy wrap and allowing my hair to soak in the goodness, I stepped into the bathroom for another wash. Now here’s where the big mistake comes in. I did the black tea rinse, rinsed, then did the ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) rinse and that was where the biggest mistake of the day happened. I got distracted with the rinse in my hair and ended up leaving it in for 20 mins (instead of the standard and widely advised 3 minutes). When I was free, I rinsed, conditioned, rinsed again, soaked up the moisture with an old tee, then tried applying oil to the scalp. This was when I realized what I’d done. The 20 mins ACV soak had stripped my hair of all moisture :(. I mean it was so bad you could feel the static. What the hell had I done? I tried recovering by spritzing with water then styling my hair in flexi rods, so it can be ready for work on Monday.

Was chatting with my best friend this morning and told her what happened, when she confirmed what I’d known but was trying to avoid doing. I needed to recondition my hair to restore moisture. When she said so, I nodded, then prepared a hot oil treatment. Applied my mix of Coconut, Olive and Avocado oil to my hair, until she was soaking with it, put on a plastic wrap, then the hair therapy wrap to administer heat to the strands. 40 minutes later, I was back in the bathroom. This time around, I cowashed with Nature Vital conditioner, which my hair loved, and absorbed its goodness, rinsed, applied my black tea and ACV rinse (but stayed within the time frame this time around), then conditioned with Giovanni’s deep moisture conditioner. When I stepped out of the bathroom and ran my fingers through the strands, I shouted an hallelujah. My hair was back to being well moisturized and oh so soft (whew). That was a close call.

Hair in Flexi Rods
Hair in Flexi Rods

Did a 3 inch trim (big deal since it was the first trim I’ve done since I started transitioning and I think I took off more hair than I should have 😦 )and then put my hair in flexi rods. I used 29 rods in total, and a mix of the two colours so I will probably have a mix of big and small curls. Did them late this afternoon so I’m really hoping they get dry before tomorrow morning so I can rock the curls to work :).

Anyway, that was my hair mishap. Figured it would be a good idea to document it. Just remember that whilst transitioning, you are discovering what works for your hair and what doesn’t. A setback is simply a learning opportunity to fix whatever went wrong and acquire new knowledge that can be useful some time in the future. So now, I have knowledge of a workable deep conditioning mix for when my hair is in dire need of moisture, a moisturizing conditioner to use as a cowash, and the reason why ACV should not be left in for too long. See? Quite a lot to learn in one Sunday isn’t it. Everything is a learning curve ;).


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