Supernatural Season Finale: Oh boy Oh boy, I did not see that coming

Disclaimer: My Series review will contain a lot of spoilers. If you don’t want to know about episodes until you’ve watched them, then don’t read. Read only if you like spoilers or have seen the episode already.

dean-sam-supernatural-29699892-900-720From the very first time I saw my boys (Yup. I claim the Winchesters’ as mine. Bite me :p ), I fell in love. With the series, the stories and the characters. Supernatural is filled with snarky wit, crazy storylines, tons of supernatural creatures out to get you, comedy and the constant spinning of religion on its head. I mean, this is one series whose fans think Death is uber cool, Lucifer is just divine, and angels can be really annoying. Of course to properly enjoy it, you have to remember that this is a work of fiction. You’re not meant to take it too seriously ;). So don’t go waving your bible around screaming about the atrocity and heresy. Now, I love this show. Like crazy. So, I’ve been feeling quite depressed at the thought that Season 10 is the last season for the Winchesters (they only signed a ten year contract, and it’s almost up. Anyone think it’s suspicious that their contract is exactly the term of a demon contract 😉 ), and the producers would want to start wrapping things up.

The Season Finale was of course bloody. Starting as usual with Kansas singing “Carry on my Wayward Son,” and flashing images from the last 22 episodes of the Season. As we launch into the episode, Dean is pulled away from Gadreel who he has cut with the blade, he walks off and soon meets with Crowley (how far the boys have come :). From hating and killing all demons to asking the King of Hell for advice. *rofl), and talks with him about how the blade is messing with him; changing him. Crowley tells him that the blade likes to kill and that the more he kills, the better he (Dean) would feel, and if he doesn’t kill, well then, the blade will eventually kill him.


Seriously? When will these boys get a break? Get the blade to kill the knight of hell. But said blade has to be accompanied with the mark of Cain, otherwise it’s just a bone. And now, the blade is killing him? Poor Poor Dean.



Anyway, Metatron is still being a manipulative asshole. God, what I would give to climb  into the series and strangle that SOB with my bare hands! Gadreel commits suicide for the greater good and Dean traps Metatron to kill him with the blade. Now, this is where things get really tricky. I thought, okay, kill Metatron, get the angels in heaven and everything will be alright right? Wrong! Metatron whoops Dean’s ass and beats him to death.

120Yup. He beat Dean Winchester to death. What the fuck! No. No. No. This was nothow I expected this Season to end. In what universe does that happen? Oh right! Supernatural. Because like Sherlock and Doctor Who, our main characters don’t die. Nope. They always find a way to come back to life. Whether they’re negotiating with demons, being raised by angels or accepting a leg up from Death, the Winchesters do not die!

So, safe in that reassurance, I continued watching the series. Sam shows up, heartbroken and about to attack Metatron, until Castiel breaks the angel tablet and brings Metatron back to heaven where the sneaky lying ass of an angel gloats about tossing the angels out of heaven, winning back their support and killing Dean Winchester. Unfortunately for him, Castiel switched on angel radio and all the angels on earth and in heaven heard everything he said. So, now he’s locked in a cage, awaiting punishment (I hope the punishment is extremely painful, like slowly stripping him of his skin painful, and long lasting, like eternally rolling a stone up a hill like Sisyphus long. Seriously, he killed his charge! The guy should be made to rot in hell).

Sam though is downstairs trying to summon the one demon that is responsible for it all: Crowley so he can raise his brother back from the dead. Crowley however, is upstairs with Dean, asking him to open his eyes and see the world through his (Crowley’s) eyes. And whilst, we’re all going huh? Dean pops open his eyes and they’re demon black!
Holy Shit!
Holy Shit!

And that is where Season 9 of Supernatural decided to end. My gorgeous Dean is now a demon. Oh boy! This next and final season, will be spectacular. *evil cackle*. Let the games begin :D.


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