The Problem with Too Many Options

Mr Sims is out with another brilliant post about relationships, and he likened it to going to a buffet service. Now, I’d already commented, but I kept thinking about it and something occurred to me. Why is it that women and men become so greedy whilst at the buffet and start gorging on the meal even with the available options? What do I mean by that? Well, you’re at a buffet, which means you have the opportunity to choose what combination of meals you want to enjoy. Now do you choose all the meals present because everything is there for your taking? No. Do you choose the meals you do not like because they’re there for the taking? Of course not! Why? Because there are a ton of options available to you; meals that you know you would enjoy having. And even when you step out of your comfort zone and try out a meal you’ve never had before, one that is totally not your type, you’ll first have a taste of it. If it goes down well and you enjoyed it, you will keep going back for seconds. Who knows, that type might be the meal you fall totally in love with. If you don’t like it, you’ll definitely put it away. So, if you will not force yourself to eat unpalatable meals at a buffet (even with the fact that you can have everything at the table), why do we settle for men or women that are either not good for us, not enjoyable for us to be with or leave us without that satisfaction of having had a great meal? It’s a buffet! You’re dating. You have the opportunity to choose what works for you. Take that chance and stop being worried that the meal with finish before you get to one you will really like. Or have you ever been to a true buffet service where all the meals finish before you get to it. I know I haven’t ;). Read the original post, and enjoy and even better? Leave a comment. I know Sim would love hearing from you, as would I :).

The WordSmith's Journal

The buffet line – the best and worst thing when it comes to eating food.

So much variety, yet so little time. So limited an opportunity to really enjoy yourself.

I’m past the point of pure gluttony that comes with all-you-can-eat buffets. When I was younger I was able to put away so much food, and what made the food even more delicious was the fact that it was all so cheap! Back then I was a growing boy and to some, overeating was sort of endearing…

And then you get a bit older and you come to the more expensive buffets. Not only is it so unsightly to cram so much food into your stomach, it also reeks of desperation, like you couldn’t get whatever it is you’re stuffing your face with elsewhere. Most importantly you don’t get to savour the food you’re eating. If you’re shoving chicken, veal…

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