Hello Naysayers! Hello Growth!

I know. I know. I promised to write soon and another month went by before I put my fingers to work. I apologise :(. I’m back now and hopefully, I will be able to be more consistent with my updates. I do have a lot to say so let me bring you guys up to speed with my work drama and hair growth.

Damn. I should have known things were too good to last. For those who don’t know, I’m transitioning to my natural hair and I just entered the 8th month of my transition. It’s not been easy but I am pulling it off :D.

Now I hadn’t received too bad a feedback with regards to my transition at the office so I figured that people were okay with dealing with my crazy styles. That was my naiveté speaking as I was soon to discover.

Some time, two weeks ago, two of my “older” female colleagues at work (I work as a writer in an advertising agency) cornered me beneath the stairs  (on a day I had the flu and was feeling like crap) tanesha-side-eye-gif to give me a lecture about how my hair looked terrible, messy and dirty.  How I have stopped taking care of myself and how I looked “off.”And so they were wondering if something was emotionally wrong with me.

I was like WTF?! OprahSideEyeHere I am, happily transitioning, back to running and eating better and this people can’t recognize positive change? Like seriously?

Please note that this is the hairstyle I had in that week. DSC_0317Big braids, braided together and pinned down. Kinda like a Princess Leia hairstyle from Star Wars. DSC_0318They were a bit messy cuz it was already Thursday, but they still looked decent and they took several years off my face. I looked like a fresh faced secondary school student, a look I am certain they will wish they have ten years from now.

Anyway, I spent my time there listening to them yammer on and on, when one of them asked me if the reason I’ve been looking unkempt was because my boyfriend left me and I was feeling heartbroken.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-18283-1360958912-10_previewOf all the… Damn! People say the damndest things. Lol.




Anyway, I thanked them for their advice, told them nope I wasn’t suffering from any heartbreak whatsoever and walked away. They aren’t the first naysayers I have run into since I started this hair journey, but they definitely have been the funniest. *chuckles.

On to my hair. It has grown so much! DSC_0359 Yippee!!!

My hair whilst wet
My hair whilst wet
My hair dry
My hair dry



Well, it hasn’t been measured with a tape measure yet and I don’t intend to anytime soon, so I don’t really know the length of my natural hair so far. But as you can see from the pictures, it is growing, and this is my hair at seven months of my transition, without any salon visits. Yup I kick ass and I’m getting a hang of this shit :D.

Did a bantu knot out but I haven’t perfected it yet so it didn’t turn out exactly the way I expected it to. Not like this wasn’t gorgeous  as you can see :).IMG-20140818-WA0004

Tried re-moisturizing it cuz some of the ends were feeling dry. Big big mistake because I re-moisturized with my Giovanni Direct Leave-in. Needless to say, the water content in that was too much and it left me with drooping curls that just weren’t fun for me. Put them in a bun to work yesterday but the bun didn’t stay for long. I sucked at it and the bun unraveled. So I rebunned it this evening and voila. This is what I got.  DSC_0395

Pretty cool isn’t it :).  This is the fullest bun I’ve ever achieved. After checking out a post on nappilynigeriangirl.blogspot.com, I saw a post she made about buns. Modified it slightly, and voila got this gorgeous bun that blends my two textures and doesn’t have my relaxed ends looking like they’re suffering from some disease which is what they used to look like *sigh.






Will take a better picture of the bun at work tomorrow and put it up on my Instagram page :).








Anyway, decided to do a hair update today. Expecting new chapters of Naruto, Bleach and Kuroshitsuji tomorrow so I should be doing an update on those very soon.

Well, until then. Ja ne.

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