Time for a change. Routine Change!

I was just about to apologize once again about not updating in ages and how I will try to do better, but it occurred to me that I am beginning to sound like a broken record ;(. Rather than apologize again, I think I will just work harder at putting up posts. My office internet seems to be working again so it looks like I can do updates at the office as well 🙂 (*fingers crossed).

My hair is growing and shiny. She looks so vibrant, don’t you think? DSC_0423Most of the hair in the front is all natural. At eight months, I really am proud :). DSC_0426












DSC_0428                         So, on to today’s topic.

Two Saturdays ago was washday. After pre-pooing, washing and conditioning my hair, I was suddenly struck with the Edward scissorhands syndrome. Yup people, I wanted to chop and I reached for my barber’s shears. I’d already trimmed a bit of my hair DSC_0369some weeks before but out of the blues, I wanted to big chop and lose my relaxed ends. Call it frustration, call it me wanting to see my hair without my relaxed ends (it’s growing so fast, and I wanted to see her in all her natural glory), call it whatever you will, I just wanted to big chop.

Luckily enough, my plan-everything persona (remember her?) showed up early enough to ask me why I really wanted to big chop, if I felt I was ready for the big chop and reminded me of why I wanted to do a long term transition (for length and also to learn how to style and take care of my hair myself. Think of it as me easing myself into my natural hair and using my relaxed ends as my test subject).

With the return of common sense, I took a deep breath, mixed together a bit of my leave-in-conditioner (Jessicurl) with Glycerine, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil and Shea butter, applied that to my hair, section by section then sealed with Coconut oil, Shea Butter and then Olive Oil (Yeah, I use the LiquidOilCreamOil method for added moisture. It seems to work for me 🙂 ) and put my hair in these small twists. DSC_0464I know, my eyes look crazy. That’s my I-am-so-tired-I need-to-sleep-but-my-eyes-have-to-stay-wide-awake-look.

Whilst putting my hair in the twists, I thought of something Alicia James said about how she used small twists as a protective style to grow her hair and it hit me! I could use the small twists as a way of putting my hair away for a while. I could do them small, and carry them for four weeks (with a co-wash every two weeks and a sulfate free shampoo cleaning every other week). On the last day of the four weeks (usually on Friday), I can rock a twist out to work to let my hair out for that day, then wash my hair on Saturday and back into twists she will go. And every fourth month, I will do a curly or “out” style. So flexi rod sets, perm rod sets, bantu knots, braidouts, twistouts, straw curls, finger coils, etc. For one month, I will let my hair out and play with it (with some buns and side braids thrown in when the curls are drooping) and in the fifth month, back to twists.

So that’s going to be my new regiment and I’m looking forward to seeing how it will turn out :). I’ve had the twists in for about two weeks now.DSC_0472 They’re quite rough and the relaxed ends keep unraveling, even though my natural hair stays in the twist. So, I think next time, I will make them small braids. They will be more difficult to loosen, but that’s where conditioner and their slip (hello Trader Joe *waves) come in :).

It might seem boring, but I have been learning different ways to style the twists (and trust me, there are a lot 😀 ), and it’s been coming out well and I’m sure the styles will be even more stunning and neater with braids. So, let’s wait and see.

Oh, and one more thing. I had to change my big toothed comb. Turned out I’d been using the wrong kind.

This one DSC_0437is wide enough at the base but the teeth comes to close at the tip and so it’s not the same .7inch wide at the teeth as it is at the base. The good thing about it though is that it makes detangling go by faster but I’ll rather use something that is gentler on my hair than one that does the work quickly but not carefully. Oh, and by the way, this is the type of comb I’ve been using when my hair is “due” since I was a kid. So I grew up with this when my “new growth” came out.

Anyway, I stopped by at Casabella some weeks back and picked this upDSC_0439. It’s about the same size .7 inches wide as the first, but as you can see, the teeth at the top is more widely spaced. It’s smaller though (shape wise) so the detangling has to be done more carefully and is more thorough, but my hair seems to like it, so *fingers crossed.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Have a picture of a little girl I took with a lot of coded movement. Lol. Will share the gist when I put it up. Oh, plus the natural haired beauty I saw on Agents of Shield and screamed :). That is coming soon as well.

So, till then. Ja ne.

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