Bleach Chapter 598: All hail the boredom chapter

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Now on to the chapter

Honestly, like I said in the post’s title, this was one of the most boring Bleach chapters I have had the unpleasant pleasure of reading. It was so boring that this was my preferred position of choice throughout today’s reading Sherlock. Like honestly. Sherlock had nothing on me with how I kept dozing off throughout the chapter. And it’s so sad when you consider the fact that Kubo (Bleach’s Mangaka/writer/artist) has been keeping Bleach very interesting in the last couple of months; so interesting that it was what I read after Naruto pushed me to the wall. Today’s chapter however, I am sad to say, was not close to Naruto. And Naruto had its fault. Just check my previous post to see. It’s so sad.

So, why am I saying 598 is boring. It’s because of the action that DIDN’T happen. Nothing drove the plot. No character showed up to make things better. Everything was just bleh!

Be warned. Spoilers ahead.

Bleach took off from where we left off. Ichigo, Orihime, Chad, Yoruichi and Urahara are seen together with the previous four all in a Shukaku-looking canon that wants to launch them off to the King’s palace. It would seem Urahara built something even more powerful than Shukaku’s canon as this one can push them several light years straight into the Soul King’s Palace. Just as they’re about to set off, Ganju comes in, to insist that they need him to come with them, and that he is powerful enough to fight. Yeah, a round of applause for the man who could only fight Yumichika (and he didn’t really fight him at full force), and who now thinks he can fight the Quincy who kicked the collective asses of Soul Society. Like this joker can challenge Juan Bach? roflAs in can anyone see that happening please?





Anyway, Ichigo accepts him as part of the crew, Orihime reminisces (and it’s okay for her to. When I realized what they were about to do, I sort of reminisced too on how they entered Sereitei to rescue Rukia) about how they’ve come full circle (Is it me or do you also see Naruto and the glaring similarities of the two chapters having their characters all come full circle?), but with one big missing piece: Ishida. As she wonders aloud if they would be able to get Ishida to come back, Ichigo insists that he would defeat Juan Back and drag Ishida back. This also reminds me of Naruto telling everyone who would listen that he would defeat Orochimaru and drag Sasuke back. Can you see the comparison? I’m going to do now what I did then.i5dio Slow clap. Best of luck brother. You’re definitely going to need it.



Anyway, our rescuers set off for the Soul King’s Palace and Tite Kubo changes point of view to the Quincies in the Soul King’s palace. From last week, we learn that none of the Shinigamis protecting the Soul King have been able to touch Juan Bach and we find out that it’s the skinny Quincy with the ability to ‘turn’ other’s powers away from himself and those he’s protecting that has been behind it. Easy A*Big Yawn. Boring. And here I was thinking Juan Bach had become even more badass. Turned out I was wrong. So for those of you that think Juan Bach has become badass, hold your horses. He hasn’t yet. (Although he might still be able to pull shit off. He is after all the villain of this arc).

Anyway, a Shinigami shows up, dressed to the nines and looking like a more powerful version of Soifon. My guess is she’s one of the most powerful members of the zero squad who has kicked Juan Bach’s ass before he was exiled and made almost powerless. We don’t know her name or the extent of her powers yet, but consequent chapters should reveal who she is. What I do know however is that her title is Senjyuumaru which means she has a thousand hands or super speed or both and her showing up was the only thing that had me perking up urla bit in an otherwise boring chapter.






So, Senjyuumaru shows up and our skinny Quincy blabbers about how powers which he has seen can’t affect him. And Senjyuumaru points out that he shouldn’t have let that slip, because she has minions he hasn’t seen (minions who attack him at her words). But he responds that his power isn’t limited to powers he hasn’t seen but stretches to encompass powers he has knowledge of as well (as he pushes the pointed blades away).To which she points out that whilst he was explaining all that to her she was making adjustment to the clothes he was wearing. When he raises alarms, blades suddenly pierce his body all over, and that is where Bleach ended today. A very very anticlimatic end. anigif_enhanced-buzz-26564-1375295655-30Honestly. This was what I waited seven days for? This very non-exciting, extremely boring chapter. Damn!


*Depressed sigh. Juan Bach still hasn’t shown his powers yet, and all we get to fight with today is some skinny Quincy with a big mouth. sleepingNothing exciting about that.





Senjyuumaru might be powerful and interesting, but she’s only perked my interest a little, not a lot. Let’s see if she would be able to increase that interest next week.

And I do hope Tite Kubo either has our skinny Quincy, survive and give us a good fight, or he leaves that one to die and brings us someone more interesting to fight our shinigami. Someone like Ishida maybe. url 2Come on Ishida. Put your newly found royal status to the test. We dare you to…


It’s a lot to hope for I know. But one can hope. Right? I’ll put up another Bleach post when a new chapter is out. So, Ja ne.

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