Kuroshitsuji Chapter 97. Betrayal at the hands of the Queen of the buildup.

Disclaimer: Be warned. My manga and anime reviews will always be filled with spoilers. Read if you want to know what’s happening. And if you would like more information about a particular manga or anime that I review or that you want me to review, holla and let me know.

Now on to the chapter.

kuroshitsuji-5204905The poor poor dear. This chapter of Kuroshitsuji has quite a lot of betrayal and some unexpected surprises from the ultimate mangaka herself, Yana Tabaoso. With the boring chapter of Bleach and the uncharacteristic behaviour of Sasuke in Naruto, it was with joy in my heart that I realized that there was a new chapter of Kuroshitsuji for me to sink my teeth into and that was a relief. Whew! Now, what am I going to do for the next four weeks as I await a new chapter? I have no idea. Hopefully, by that time either Bleach or Naruto or both would have something interesting to tide me over :).

This chapter though was delightfully stunning. From the very first page with the words Innocence is beauty, Ignorance is death we already get a foreshadowing into what would happen in this chapter. Have I mentioned before that Yana is an artist with the mind of a storyteller and the heart of a poet?

Anyway, we continued from where we left off last month. Ciel and Sebastian, those two evil and lovable characters set off with the Green Witch. They’d preyed on the little girl’s desire to see the outside world with the hope that they could use that desire to get her away from her people and her responsibility to the wolves.

Now I was expecting them to use the front door or maybe Sebastian would carry Ciel and the witch on each of his arms and jump from building to building (he is quite capable of doing that). Instead, they use the stairs and go down into the basement causing both us and the Green Witch to question why Sebastian would take that route. He walks over to the witch’s magic circle and touches the ‘miasma’ (‘evil energy’). The witch cries out when he attempts to do so and is surprised when nothing happens to him, asking if he is a wizard. Sebastian says he isn’t but is instead one hell of a butler :D. Of course we know he is one hell of a demon. But she doesn’t know that now does she? Evil-Smile-Adams-Family

Anyway, he turns a lever and they enter a secluded room that has a ship-like radar system that is tracking everyone in the town. Apparently, the amulet that the townspeople hand out for “protection” against the wolves is actually a GPS tracker. WTF? urlSo let me get this. That was not for any protection? That was to keep a creepy eye and exercise control over the people? Next you will tell me there are no werewolves or any Miasma of any kind.

Whilst we all are looking amazed at this new development, Sebastian hears voices and just as they try ducking for cover, they enter an even larger room with the “werewolves”. Just as the Green Witch shouts, she is grabbed by a werewolf who Sebastian reveals to be a man wearing a werewolf mask. And the Green Witch’s supposed ‘grandma’ is the leader of the pack. The miasma turns out not to be Miasma but rather some chemical formula that would cause agonizing death, not caused by any form of supernatural attack but from the chemicals the lying town has been expelling into the atmosphere. And that means that the little girl has had her legs broken, been kept captive in that town since the day she was born on a lie. Damn that hurts!

As the Green Witch’s world shatters at the betrayal, we all rise to clap at the brilliance of Yana Tabaoso.url 2 The mangaka who has restored our faith in the power of a manga with a great story. Now that is suspense. Masashi and Kubo, please get in touch with Yana so she can teach you lessons on how to leave your audience with their minds blown.

As for me, I am going back to read that chapter several times over to get me through the month until Yana releases the next chapter next month.

Ja ne.

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