Naruto Chapter 693: Sasuke has gone Bonkers!!!

Disclaimer: Be warned. My manga and anime reviews will always be filled with spoilers. Read if you want to know what’s happening. And if you would like more information about a particular manga or anime that I review or that you want me to review, holla and let me know.

Now on to the chapter.


Sasuke Sasuke Sasuke. How the hell did you come to this? You went from this Sasuke_childadorable faced urchin in Naruto early early years to this crazy sasuke-crazy-face(check out the wide-eyed image of him several years later. Crazy right?) person you have now become. Add this now returned blood lust of yours (Check out the third image folks) Sasuke Crazyand we have a chapter that has everyone scratching their heads in confusion and growling in frustration whilst Masashi (our dearly beloved Naruto Mangaka/artist/writer for over 12 twelve years) chuckles in evil delight, fooling himself into thinking that yes he has made a logical choice.

Please note that from here there are spoilers galore. You have been warned.

Now, what is my problem with Masashi’s route to turn Sasuke into the unforgiving fallen angel whose mission is to destroy Konoha and all it represents? Well, because it is fucking giving me a fucking whiplash. Damn! First, Sasuke is crazy and going all he wants to destroy Konoha, and we are all kind of looking forward to what his reaction would be when he discovers that Nagato had already done him that favour and levelled Konoha. But Nagato restores Konoha with his dying breath, Sasuke runs into Itachi under a broken Endo Tensei and follows Orochimaru to Konoha to uncover the secrets of the Uchiha clan with the help and history lesson of the Hokages. So, he decides, he’s not going to destroy Konoha anymore but will protect it because of the sacrifice Itachi made for the town (see that love? Yup, that is what stupid Sakura wishes Sasuke felt for her. But he doesn’t. I’ll come back to her own case later).

So what’s my ish? Well, after spending months, almost a year having Naruto and Sasuke fight and defeat Obito, Madara and the mother of them all, Kaguya, with a little bit of black Zetsu thrown in, Sasuke decides that not only is he going to become Hokage, and leave all the Kages sleeping in the eternal Tsukiyomi, but he’s also going to control all the Bijuus. And because Naruto is now the Jinchuuriki to all the Bijuus, Sasuke intends to destroy him, leading us back to the fight of the two boys at the valley of the end, which was how Naruto early years ended if anyone can remember.

Now, I’ve always expected them both to fight. That’s the only sensible way Masashi could give them closure as to each other’s strength and let’s admit it, the sight of both of them using their way stronger powers against each is going to be spectacular but why the hell can’t Masashi use something else, other than Sasuke going out of character to bring us this? 461857-naruto-sasuke-and-naruto-fight.pngAs in, come on! Your readers aren’t stupid. We have been following these two boys stories for more than a decade. Do not insult our intelligence Masashi!

But, even with all my ranting, I am looking forward to the fight :). It is going to be bloody awesome and I hope Masashi has a plan to end Naruto and Sasuke’s story well.

A lot of my friends are of the opinion that one of the boys would die but I beg to disagree. I believe that either both of them will die or both of them will live. There is no way Masashi will have one of them killing off the other. Naruto won’t be able to live with himself if he kills Sasuke. Hell, he would consider himself a failure who can’t protect his best friend, and will definitely not be fit to protect an entire village (goodbye Hokage!). So, nope, he won’t be killing Sasuke. Sasuke on the other hand, with his all bloodthirsty behaviour might be tempted to kill Naruto. But he spared Naruto in their first fight in the valley of the end, plus Naruto is not actually the focus of his hatred (the elders of Konoha are) and I still think Itachi did get through to his thick-headed brother, so I do not think he will kill Naruto. They would both be seriously injured, but I’m guessing that they would both live, and what Hashirama should have done in sharing rulership of Konoha with Madara will come into play with Naruto and Sasuke. Let’s not forget that the past is there for us to learn from. And Naruto and Sasuke will do well as joint Hokages. One would give military might, forward thinking and precision to the leadership and the other would bring calm, balance, compassion and the need to look out for the people’s welfare to the table: two things that a country needs and which these two can achieve together.

Oh, and about Sakura, the girl pisses me off. Nope, I am not a hater, I just can’t stand her. As usual, she is using love (which Sasuke clearly doesn’t feel for her) to plead with Sasuke and crying her eyes out, begging him to stay. Does that ring a bell anyone? Remember early years when Sasuke was leaving the village for Orochimaru and she caught him at the entrance to the village? Did her tears and “love” work then? Why the hell would she think it would work now? Damn! The girl is daft. url

Anyway, Sasuke puts her under a genjustsu that has her thinking she’s been stabbed to death by the one and only love of her life url 2 whilst said love goes off with Naruto to the valley of the end where he is standing on top of Madara’s statue and Naruto, on top of Hashirama’s.

I have to admit, at that shot, I was a bit tearful. It kind of sealed it that the manga is truly coming to an end. Our boys have come full circle haven’t they?

Well, Masashi left us with Sasuke saying he’s going to show Sasuke what his version of Hokage is, leaving us and Naruto going huh? And that is where Masashi leaves us all. Let’s see what the next chapter brings.

Here’s hoping the next chapter is way better and not full of inconsistencies and unnecessary talk :). Ja ne.


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