Bleach 599 – Aaaaand a hole in the head means the Soul King’s dead?

Oh boy. Bleach chapter 599 was a real doozy. A doozy that had my eyes wide open like this.eye-openerDefinitely better than this week’s chapter of Naruto which was a total snoozefest (will get to that in a little bit).

Disclaimer: Be warned. My manga and anime reviews will always be filled with spoilers. Read if you want to know what’s happening. And if you would like more information about a particular manga or anime that I review or that you want me to review, holla and let me know.

Now on to the chapter

The chapter continued from where we left off last week: our talk-a-lot Quincy getting stabbed with Senjyuumaru’s sewing needles.

She begins the chapter by telling Juan Bach that with talk-a-lot out of the way, their pointed blades can now reach him. A sentiment that warrants an eye rolling url2. Seriously? Do these shinigamis ever learn? They keep spouting nonsense about defeating opponents that are way stronger than them, and they never defeat these people. Seriously! Aizen is still there in Soul Society, Undefeated! The guy is immortal for crying out loud. Hell, after they sentenced him to millennia in prison,Grinning Dean he gave one big ass grin. He didn’t plead or beg. He just gave that sexy smile that said: I’m hot, powerful and immortal. You guys aint got shit on me.

Anyway, back to the chapter. Juan Bach asks if she really thinks she can point her blades at him. Especially when all he needs are his “soldats” to defeat her and the Soul King’s soldiers.

As soon as he tells her that, he introduces his elite guards to ‘deal’ with her: 4 Sternlichters.

Does everyone see the connection here? Kubo’s insistence on having this all powerful guy protected by a small most powerful inner circle, then a not as powerful but still remarkable and kick ass outer circle and finally the foot soldiers who are also  powerful. We’ve seen it with Aizen being protected by Gin and Tousen (his inner caucus), then by the outter group: the Espadas, and finally, the foot soldiers, the arrancars. The Soul King  has the Zero Squad (his inner circle), the captains and vice-captains (the outer squad) and the shinigamis (the foot soldiers). Juan Bach has his inner squad (made up of Ishida and the other guy; can’t remember his name), his soldats (the wider circle) and the other Sternlichters (foot soldiers).

Know when it’s obvious what group has won and what group has lost? When the other person’s outer circle is kicking your inner circle’s ass. Case in point, the kicking of the Zero squad’s ass by the bleach-5227015soldat. Don’t believe me? Exhibit A (the first of several more exhibits to come). Ladies and gentlemen, check out Senjyuumaru with a big ass hole on her head. Yup. Juan Bach’s soldats, not his inner caucus, not himself, his soldats put that hole in her head and clearly declared the fact that the Soul King is in deeeeep trouble. His people don’t stand a chance against Juan Bach’s people. So he might have to get his hands dirty and kick the collective asses of Juan Bach, his inner team and the ‘soldats’ himself. Although I doubt that would happen.

Why? Because Ichigo is coming to save the day and we all know how well he does that. And now that he has two blades? Gangsta alert! 3787561-5450670721-the_bDoesn’t that look amazing? :D.

Anyway, that’s where Tite Kubo left us, with a hole in Senjyuumaru’s head, and a soldat with these pearls of wisdom. bleach-5227015

Yes people. And that was where Kubo decided to end this chapter. A fitting end to the chapter titled: Too early to win. Too late to know.

Fitting isn’t it? :).

I’m definitely looking forward to next week’s chapter :D. Goody goody!

Ja ne.

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