Naruto 694: Everyone’s hearing voices, except Sasuke

Last week, Bleach was the boring chapter. This week, Naruto has the bleh tumblr_lmi0zmt3F91qddn2xo1_500chapter. Not my favourite so far and it’s so annoying. Why is it that when either of these two has a decent chapter, the other doesn’t fall in line and get that decent gene? Why can’t these two mangakas both release simultaneous chapters that would thrill their audience?

Disclaimer: Be warned. My manga and anime reviews will always be filled with spoilers. Read if you want to know what’s happening. And if you would like more information about a particular manga or anime that I review or that you want me to review, holla and let me know.

Now on to the chapter

This is a chatty chapter. Sasuke and Naruto through their words and thoughts show us their inspiration for being Hokage, and seals what I’d already established in my previous Naruto post: both of them together would make a great joint-Hokage for Konohagakure.

Sasuke starts his rants by saying that  a true Hokage would do what his brother did; take on the bad of the world, that inner darkness that most people shy away from and keep it away from the village he protects. In other words, Sasuke’s version of the Hokage is one that would take on the hatred the people can’t deal with, without complaining, and one who would do all that alone, without any friends or ties, a light for the darkness. To Sasuke, that’s the kind of Hokage Konoha needs, not the one it has the chance to vote for. And this Hokage would be one that would have been through darkness and survived it.

Pardon me if I’m wrong, but technically, haven’t both Sasuke and Naruto been through this darkness? tumblr_m8bjdvPo4B1ru13e8 One had a family until he was ten, the other was born without any family. Both of them had to live alone and raise themselves. One of them witnessed the murder of his clan and his family by his brother and the other, whose parents gave their lives for the village and whose very existence was something that saved the village was treated as a monster for acting as a safe to the monster that would destroy the village. One was treated as a golden child but had no friends and was perpetually alone and the other was a social pariah who was always perpetually alone. Eventually, they both grow up and survive the hellish hole they grew up in. One turned out darker than the other, yes. But both of them have been through darkness and they both survived it. So is it me, or  is Sasuke suffering from selective dementia? Because if he is, someone needs to shake him. tumblr_lwjyzw0lun1r50nwho1_250He needs to bloody wake up! Everything he’s saying is something that can relate to both himself and Naruto. Or has Sasuke dropped a couple of IQ digits *confused? Or is Masashi the one who is confused and needs the shaking?

Apparently, when Sasuke and Naruto each met with the sage of the six paths and explained what they wanted to do, they both wanted extremely different things. Whilst Naruto wanted peace and freedom, Sasuke wanted to create a world where he will be the singular focus of hatred who would be the unifying force for the people. A dream that he thinks is similar to what his brother wants.

But is it? Of course not! Sasuke has proven time and time again to not really know what his brother wants. Plus, Naruto has a different memory of Itachi. One in which Itachi says that when you forget about everyone else after rising to the top and become self-obsessed, you become Madara. See any similarities between Sasuke and the path he’s on and the path Madara ends up on. And as we both know, there’s no way Itachi will allow his Otouto to become that, which is where Naruto comes in. Naruto is Itachi’s fail safe. The other person like Sasuke who has known pain and darkness, but who unlike Sasuke values friendship and believes you need those friends, especially when you get to the top.

It’s a battle between the people person and the lone wolf and their different ideologies. And hopefully, it would be a battle that would have both of them surviving and bringing their beliefs together to unite Konoha. Because, like both of them say, you can’t be tied down by the choices of the past, but you also can’t let go of its lessons. naruto-5226973 And like the old man said, it’s up to Sasuke and Naruto to figure out the answers to that. Let’s just hope the next chapter continues with this hopefully amazing fight scene naruto-5226981and Masashi can wrap up this manga quickly and well. Because I am going to repeat myself once again, they both have to die or they both have to survive. There must be no half measures here.

Here’s hoping for that. Ja ne.




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