Yup. I’m a spineless ninny who went back on her word

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Yes, that’s me people. Spineless, big mouthed, embarrassed and happy as fuck. I big chopped!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yup.  Me, with my big mouth and big claims about waiting until I’d transitioned for 30 months before big chopping, was high on weed, in a happy place, reached for my hair shears, took in a deep breath and began snipping away. Three hours later, I had this DSC_0113 to show for all my efforts. Yeah, I wept for every strand that fell. Those were my babies and I didn’t know I was going to be parted from them so soon. But, I did my chop and life had to go on. Headed to Spar to get some groceries (It’s Thai chicken curry week. Yum Yum 😀 ), and had to style my hair, so I washed, applied some conditioner, threw on a bow headband and went out like this DSC_0117(ignore the giant zit and the scrunching up of my nose. Lol). DSC_0116

Isn’t she pretty? :D. It’s definitely going to take a while for me to get used to it. But I fully intend to rock my not so TWA. I shall enjoy each stage as they come :). Anyway, my wash and go didn’t turn out exactly the way I planned. So, for work on Monday, I decided to experiment with a twist out. So I put my hair in these chunky twists. Let’s see how the twistout turns out on MondayDSC_0136 with some makeup and the right attidue *wink.

Ja ne.