About Me

Hello folks and welcome to my blog.

At the moment, I’m feeling overwhelmed about writing this. I’ve had this blog up and running since May and I’m just editing this page because for months, I wasn’t certain what exactly I should say. So, I decided to do a 10 things about me write-up for this section. So, fasten your seat belt seatbelt as you get to know moi :).

1. Itenoria is actually my middle name. My first name and the one I’m most commonly known as is Sandra.

2. I am a bookworm who has not been reading as much in the last three years since I actively started working. This sucks balls, especially when you consider the fact that not reading makes me a crabby, depressed monster :(.

3. I cuss like a sailor when it hits me. I haven’t had a filter for my swear words since I was in secondary school. Not a lot of people like that, and I’ve had “friends” try to “correct” that behavioural trait. It hasn’t worked yet and quite honestly, I don’t give a shit. I’m a lady who can say fuck like a sailor. Deal with it. house-gif





4. My preferred liquor of choice is Vodka. Absolut is one of my best brands in the world. Tequila comes a close second though and Patron is the ultimate :). I think the best way to relax after a crazy week is with some alkie. Oh and my best cocktail, a tall cool class of sex on the beach ;).

5. I’ve only ever been shit faced drunk once in my life and let’s just say there’s still 8 hours of my life that I have no recollection of whatsoever. 947 Not doing drunk again anytime soon.





6. I am a diehard fan of animes and mangas. I read the weekly chapters, watch the weekly episodes, download the opening and ending theme songs, can sing them all (my favs are Bleach’s D-Technolife by UVERworld and Lacrimosa by Kalafina), read their fanfics, write their fanfics and right now I really am considering naming my kids (if I have any) after anime characters. Yeah. Geek alert ;).

7. I am at the moment transitioning to my natural hair. I’m nine months in and I intend to do a long transition of thirty months. So, I have twenty-one more months to go. This is going to be a test of my patience.

8. I talk a lot. Seriously, everyone that knows me all have one thing they unanimously agree on. That I am a great friend to have in your corner ( 😉 ). Lol. They all agree that I can talk for Africa. Hell during my A’levels, I picked up a nickname: iTalk and it kinda stuck.

9. E!, Style Network, Disney Channel, Boomerang and CN  are my guilty pleasures. Although I wonder if they are still considered guilty pleasures when I do not feel an iota of guilt for watching them. url








10. I have a serious case of wanderlust. The thought of travelling round the world fills me with immense joy and satisfaction. The thought of travelling in style? Now that, that makes me feel like one hell of a boss :). tumblr_m9un52Tttv1r7tvni




Well, that’s a little something about myself. Now go dive into the rest of the blog and check out my posts. Hope you find a category that you will enjoy sinking your teeth into :).

Ja ne.

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