Time for a change. Routine Change!

I was just about to apologize once again about not updating in ages and how I will try to do better, but it occurred to me that I am beginning to sound like a broken record ;(. Rather than apologize again, I think I will just work harder at putting up posts. My office internet seems to be working again so it looks like I can do updates at the office as well 🙂 (*fingers crossed).

My hair is growing and shiny. She looks so vibrant, don’t you think? DSC_0423Most of the hair in the front is all natural. At eight months, I really am proud :). DSC_0426












DSC_0428                         So, on to today’s topic.

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Welcome in the New Year!!! *Trumpet sounds*

Well, this will be a short post.

Yesterday was my birthday. Yay! :D. The plan was to put up a post to mark the day. Unfortunately, I spent my entire day in the office. And when I say entire, I mean the entire day. I didn’t close from work until 10:50pm. So I got home at 11:15pm. Thank goodness for living fairly close to the office :).

Anyway, I did have a little celebration with my team members and there were pictures :). (I do have another mini-celebration planned for the weekend though. So Yippee!) Anyway, check out my birthday pictures down below to see how advertising folks roll (that rhymes doesn’t it 😉 ). IMG_20140821_162205DSC_0408DSC_0414DSC_0416 Yeah we can be quite crazy but that is a perk of the job. Be as crazy as you want, as long as you’re in the creative department *rofl.



















Anyway, these are the pictures. Yes I had a blast. Here’s hoping the new year of my life is even better than the previous one (and the previous one was a doozy. Trust me 🙂 ).

I should put up an anime themed post this weekend. So, until then, Ja ne.

Hello Naysayers! Hello Growth!

I know. I know. I promised to write soon and another month went by before I put my fingers to work. I apologise :(. I’m back now and hopefully, I will be able to be more consistent with my updates. I do have a lot to say so let me bring you guys up to speed with my work drama and hair growth.

Damn. I should have known things were too good to last. For those who don’t know, I’m transitioning to my natural hair and I just entered the 8th month of my transition. It’s not been easy but I am pulling it off :D.

Now I hadn’t received too bad a feedback with regards to my transition at the office so I figured that people were okay with dealing with my crazy styles. That was my naiveté speaking as I was soon to discover.

Some time, two weeks ago, two of my “older” female colleagues at work (I work as a writer in an advertising agency) cornered me beneath the stairs  (on a day I had the flu and was feeling like crap) tanesha-side-eye-gif to give me a lecture about how my hair looked terrible, messy and dirty.  How I have stopped taking care of myself and how I looked “off.”And so they were wondering if something was emotionally wrong with me.

I was like WTF?! OprahSideEyeHere I am, happily transitioning, back to running and eating better and this people can’t recognize positive change? Like seriously?

Please note that this is the hairstyle I had in that week. DSC_0317Big braids, braided together and pinned down. Kinda like a Princess Leia hairstyle from Star Wars. DSC_0318They were a bit messy cuz it was already Thursday, but they still looked decent and they took several years off my face. I looked like a fresh faced secondary school student, a look I am certain they will wish they have ten years from now.

Anyway, I spent my time there listening to them yammer on and on, when one of them asked me if the reason I’ve been looking unkempt was because my boyfriend left me and I was feeling heartbroken.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-18283-1360958912-10_previewOf all the… Damn! People say the damndest things. Lol.




Anyway, I thanked them for their advice, told them nope I wasn’t suffering from any heartbreak whatsoever and walked away. They aren’t the first naysayers I have run into since I started this hair journey, but they definitely have been the funniest. *chuckles.

On to my hair. It has grown so much! DSC_0359 Yippee!!!

My hair whilst wet
My hair whilst wet
My hair dry
My hair dry



Well, it hasn’t been measured with a tape measure yet and I don’t intend to anytime soon, so I don’t really know the length of my natural hair so far. But as you can see from the pictures, it is growing, and this is my hair at seven months of my transition, without any salon visits. Yup I kick ass and I’m getting a hang of this shit :D.

Did a bantu knot out but I haven’t perfected it yet so it didn’t turn out exactly the way I expected it to. Not like this wasn’t gorgeous  as you can see :).IMG-20140818-WA0004

Tried re-moisturizing it cuz some of the ends were feeling dry. Big big mistake because I re-moisturized with my Giovanni Direct Leave-in. Needless to say, the water content in that was too much and it left me with drooping curls that just weren’t fun for me. Put them in a bun to work yesterday but the bun didn’t stay for long. I sucked at it and the bun unraveled. So I rebunned it this evening and voila. This is what I got.  DSC_0395

Pretty cool isn’t it :).  This is the fullest bun I’ve ever achieved. After checking out a post on nappilynigeriangirl.blogspot.com, I saw a post she made about buns. Modified it slightly, and voila got this gorgeous bun that blends my two textures and doesn’t have my relaxed ends looking like they’re suffering from some disease which is what they used to look like *sigh.






Will take a better picture of the bun at work tomorrow and put it up on my Instagram page :).








Anyway, decided to do a hair update today. Expecting new chapters of Naruto, Bleach and Kuroshitsuji tomorrow so I should be doing an update on those very soon.

Well, until then. Ja ne.

Cannes. What a Trip!

I was scrolling through the blog when I noticed that my last post was on the 1st of June.


WTF? It’s been a month and 21 days since I last posted anything? How did that happen? Where did the time go?


sad and happy


As I went through a mini panic attack trying to remember what I’ve been doing for the last 51 days, it all came back to me, and I  smiled.


June was a crazy month. Other than it being 6 months into my transition (yup. I’m almost 8 months in now and still going strong. Woohoo!!!), I also travelled to Cannes for the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. Now for those of you not in advertising: the Cannes Lions is like the Grammy’s and Oscars of advertising combined. It’s this huge ass festival held in June every year where ad people, marketers, artists, writers, musicians (Yup Kanye was there!), actors (Sarah Jessica Parker, Jared Leto, Robe Lowe, Sir Patrick Stewart and Ralph Fiennes were all there as well) and basically, everyone who is involved in communication of one form or the other and who seeks to find creative ways to solve problems, all come together to review advertising works of the past year and celebrate the works that spoke to the essence of what true advertising is all about. Yup. That is Cannes baby! And I was there :D.

So I was in Cannes, breathing in the amazing air, falling in love with the town, the peace, the grace that permeated the air, the amazing food and the slow walks to burn off those calories (still gained about 7 pounds though *facepalm, which I’m burning off by running, so no qualms). It was quite the vacation (work has been intense and insane in the last year), and my mind and body needed it. What was even cooler was the fact that I was able to rock my transitioning hair (she’s growing so fast, albeit the unavoidable breakage 😦 ) all through the trip, and I made some friends as well :D.

So click to check out some pictures from my trip :).

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The Problem with Too Many Options

Mr Sims is out with another brilliant post about relationships, and he likened it to going to a buffet service. Now, I’d already commented, but I kept thinking about it and something occurred to me. Why is it that women and men become so greedy whilst at the buffet and start gorging on the meal even with the available options? What do I mean by that? Well, you’re at a buffet, which means you have the opportunity to choose what combination of meals you want to enjoy. Now do you choose all the meals present because everything is there for your taking? No. Do you choose the meals you do not like because they’re there for the taking? Of course not! Why? Because there are a ton of options available to you; meals that you know you would enjoy having. And even when you step out of your comfort zone and try out a meal you’ve never had before, one that is totally not your type, you’ll first have a taste of it. If it goes down well and you enjoyed it, you will keep going back for seconds. Who knows, that type might be the meal you fall totally in love with. If you don’t like it, you’ll definitely put it away. So, if you will not force yourself to eat unpalatable meals at a buffet (even with the fact that you can have everything at the table), why do we settle for men or women that are either not good for us, not enjoyable for us to be with or leave us without that satisfaction of having had a great meal? It’s a buffet! You’re dating. You have the opportunity to choose what works for you. Take that chance and stop being worried that the meal with finish before you get to one you will really like. Or have you ever been to a true buffet service where all the meals finish before you get to it. I know I haven’t ;). Read the original post, and enjoy and even better? Leave a comment. I know Sim would love hearing from you, as would I :).

The WordSmith's Journal

The buffet line – the best and worst thing when it comes to eating food.

So much variety, yet so little time. So limited an opportunity to really enjoy yourself.

I’m past the point of pure gluttony that comes with all-you-can-eat buffets. When I was younger I was able to put away so much food, and what made the food even more delicious was the fact that it was all so cheap! Back then I was a growing boy and to some, overeating was sort of endearing…

And then you get a bit older and you come to the more expensive buffets. Not only is it so unsightly to cram so much food into your stomach, it also reeks of desperation, like you couldn’t get whatever it is you’re stuffing your face with elsewhere. Most importantly you don’t get to savour the food you’re eating. If you’re shoving chicken, veal…

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Adding to my Anime Addiction: Shingeki no Kyojin and Hunter X Hunter 2011

Rurouni.Kenshin.full.143097I love love animes. I adore them. From the very first anime I ever watched: Rurouni Kenshin, popularly known as Samurai X, I’ve just kept on going. I’ve discovered a genre of entertainment that appeals to me, and keeps me coming back for more and that is part of what makes my life so complete :). Of course, I love my animes subbed (spoken in Japanese and subtitled in English) and not dubbed (spoken in English), but that’s a story for another day.  Anyway, I’m always interested in getting new anime recommendations to add to my collection. Whether they’re short like Deathnote, 07 Ghost, Soul Eater, Kaze no Stigma, etc or long like Naruto, Bleach, Kuroshitsuji, Fairytale, etc, I want them all. Of course, when I say animes, I include the manga with them, because I like watching the animes and reading the mangas alongside them. It sort of gives me a more complete story, and for animes like Bleach which have been discontinued, having the manga to read has been a lifesaver.

Anyway, Zee commented on my last anime/manga themed post and recommended that I try out Shingeki no Kyojin. So I did.

urlAnd so far, it is looking awesome. I’ve cried, I’ve laughed, I’ve screamed and I’ve lost sleep catching up with the series, and let me you this, that is one heck of a story. It’s different from the norm. This time around, humans are the prey and the titans are the ones that are eating them (yes. Eating. There is this scene in the first episode where a titan picks up Eren’s mother and bites her head off. Yup! His mouth opened, we saw teeth, we saw the mouth keep coming and then it closed over her head. We see the blood flying and all I can say is “bloody hell!”

shingeki_no_kyojin_fanart_by_chanlien-d6tpw3xIn typical anime fashion, there’s a ton of blood flying around, but so far, I haven’t seen any overt sexual references. But then again, I haven’t caught up on the anime yet. Got distracted when a colleague recommended another anime to me. Drumroll please.




b226f487ddc66c15f001aa8c98a2d393Enter Hunter X Hunter. At the moment, I’m catching up with the 2011 anime (which is the second anime) because that is the one that’s ongoing. The first anime which is also called Hunter X Hunter has since been cancelled, however the manga which also started circulating in 1998 is still ongoing, so the production company started the anime all over again, did an upgrade, stayed true to the manga and voila! Hunter X Hunter 2011 was born. So far, I’m on episode 7 (the anime is more than 160 episodes so I have a lot of catching up to do), and it’s captivating. We’re introduced to Gon, a 12 year old boy the main protagonist who wants to be a Hunter just like his father.

Hunter-X-Hunter-2011-Gon-Killua-Meruem-Chimera-Ant-King-Isaac-Netero-Neferpitou-Shaiapouf-Menthuthuyoupi-Knov-Morel-Knuckle-Shoot-wallpaper404.com-hd-animeUnfortunately, becoming a Hunter is not an easy process. There are a ton of tests to take before taking the Hunter Exam and apparently, only 1 rookie in 3 has ever passed the exam (they’re that hard). However, there are tons of rookies with promise so far and this anime has sucked me in. Been watching it since yesterday evening and I only stopped to Skype with my best friend, sleep and write today’s posts. Now that I’m done, I’m off to Hunter X Hunter.

These two new animes are quickly moving upwards to becoming part of my all-time favourites. What are your favourite animes and are there any you could recommend that I can watch? Leave a comment below and let me know. Ja ne.

Supernatural Season Finale: Oh boy Oh boy, I did not see that coming

Disclaimer: My Series review will contain a lot of spoilers. If you don’t want to know about episodes until you’ve watched them, then don’t read. Read only if you like spoilers or have seen the episode already.

dean-sam-supernatural-29699892-900-720From the very first time I saw my boys (Yup. I claim the Winchesters’ as mine. Bite me :p ), I fell in love. With the series, the stories and the characters. Supernatural is filled with snarky wit, crazy storylines, tons of supernatural creatures out to get you, comedy and the constant spinning of religion on its head. I mean, this is one series whose fans think Death is uber cool, Lucifer is just divine, and angels can be really annoying. Of course to properly enjoy it, you have to remember that this is a work of fiction. You’re not meant to take it too seriously ;). So don’t go waving your bible around screaming about the atrocity and heresy. Now, I love this show. Like crazy. So, I’ve been feeling quite depressed at the thought that Season 10 is the last season for the Winchesters (they only signed a ten year contract, and it’s almost up. Anyone think it’s suspicious that their contract is exactly the term of a demon contract 😉 ), and the producers would want to start wrapping things up.

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