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Bleach Chapter 598: All hail the boredom chapter

Disclaimer: Be warned. My manga and anime reviews will always be filled with spoilers. Read if you want to know what’s happening. And if you would like more information about a particular manga or anime that I review or that you want me to review, holla and let me know.

Now on to the chapter

Honestly, like I said in the post’s title, this was one of the most boring Bleach chapters I have had the unpleasant pleasure of reading. It was so boring that this was my preferred position of choice throughout today’s reading Sherlock. Like honestly. Sherlock had nothing on me with how I kept dozing off throughout the chapter. And it’s so sad when you consider the fact that Kubo (Bleach’s Mangaka/writer/artist) has been keeping Bleach very interesting in the last couple of months; so interesting that it was what I read after Naruto pushed me to the wall. Today’s chapter however, I am sad to say, was not close to Naruto. And Naruto had its fault. Just check my previous post to see. It’s so sad.

So, why am I saying 598 is boring. It’s because of the action that DIDN’T happen. Nothing drove the plot. No character showed up to make things better. Everything was just bleh!

Be warned. Spoilers ahead.

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