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Welcome in the New Year!!! *Trumpet sounds*

Well, this will be a short post.

Yesterday was my birthday. Yay! :D. The plan was to put up a post to mark the day. Unfortunately, I spent my entire day in the office. And when I say entire, I mean the entire day. I didn’t close from work until 10:50pm. So I got home at 11:15pm. Thank goodness for living fairly close to the office :).

Anyway, I did have a little celebration with my team members and there were pictures :). (I do have another mini-celebration planned for the weekend though. So Yippee!) Anyway, check out my birthday pictures down below to see how advertising folks roll (that rhymes doesn’t it 😉 ). IMG_20140821_162205DSC_0408DSC_0414DSC_0416 Yeah we can be quite crazy but that is a perk of the job. Be as crazy as you want, as long as you’re in the creative department *rofl.



















Anyway, these are the pictures. Yes I had a blast. Here’s hoping the new year of my life is even better than the previous one (and the previous one was a doozy. Trust me 🙂 ).

I should put up an anime themed post this weekend. So, until then, Ja ne.