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Bring Back Our Girls Change Petition.

urlHello everybody. I know some of you might know this, and some of you might not, but I am a Nigerian, living in Nigeria. I’ve lived in this beautiful country of my birth and heritage since I was born, and I am proud to say that I am a Nigerian because my country is full of beautiful people, with amazing minds, the strength to get through terrible times and the fortitude to keep going even when the odds are against us. There are as much good in this country as there are bad, and even though sometimes I weep for my country, I will still keep hoping and doing everything that I can to make my country a better place.

Almost four weeks ago, a militant group, referred to as Boko Haram terrorized the small community of Chibok in Borno State and kidnapped over 300 girls between the ages of 16-18 from their boarding school, put them on a bus and drove off with them. What was their crime? They were in school, trying to write the WAEC examinations, and Boko Haram believes that women shouldn’t be educated, but should be married, and spend their days having sex with their husbands, taking care of the home and birthing babies. The leader of the sect has come out to say that he will sell the girls because there is a market for them and Allah has commanded him to sell them.

This terrifies me. They are children! Little girls who enjoy learning, who want to learn new things. They shouldn’t be punished for that! To take them away and force them to live under brutal conditions is wrong.

Now, I know naturally, the duty of bringing our girls back falls in the hands of the nation’s Government. But so far, our Government hasn’t brought them back. And every day that passes is one more day for these girls to be raped, beaten, shipped off to marry people they do not want to marry or even killed!

There has been an international outcry for the rest of the world to help us bring them back, and the movement has been going strong, for which I am grateful. Now there is a petition on change.org asking for the help of world leaders in putting an end to this and bringing the girls home. I have signed it and the girls, the family of the girls and the rest of the nation and the world who care will be extremely grateful if you could sign it and let others know about the petition.

A proverb says that little drops make a mighty ocean. Signing this petition would be a little drop that together can cause a tidal wave that would help rescue this girls. Please do this for them.

Thank you.