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Naruto Chapter 693: Sasuke has gone Bonkers!!!

Disclaimer: Be warned. My manga and anime reviews will always be filled with spoilers. Read if you want to know what’s happening. And if you would like more information about a particular manga or anime that I review or that you want me to review, holla and let me know.

Now on to the chapter.


Sasuke Sasuke Sasuke. How the hell did you come to this? You went from this Sasuke_childadorable faced urchin in Naruto early early years to this crazy sasuke-crazy-face(check out the wide-eyed image of him several years later. Crazy right?) person you have now become. Add this now returned blood lust of yours (Check out the third image folks) Sasuke Crazyand we have a chapter that has everyone scratching their heads in confusion and growling in frustration whilst Masashi (our dearly beloved Naruto Mangaka/artist/writer for over 12 twelve years) chuckles in evil delight, fooling himself into thinking that yes he has made a logical choice.

Please note that from here there are spoilers galore. You have been warned.

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