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Falling in Love With Spurs

If there’s anything I’m appreciative of, it’s good food. And if there’s one thing that makes good food even better, it’s enjoying good food in an aesthetically pleasing environment. And that is what you get when you dine at Seven Eagles Spur restaurant at Ikeja City Mall: Great food, great atmosphere equals Yum. Yum.

April was one hell of a month for me. From the first day of the month to the last day, it was crazy, insane and I loved every minute of it (*cue in my slightly workaholic persona). But in as much as I loved the month, I also felt that I deserved a treat. So, off I went to the mall yesterday to treat myself.

Now how do I describe Seven Eagles. Think cozy, intimate, South American themed with great food that is super affordable and amazing service. Seriously? Doesn’t this look promising?

Seven Eagles Spurs. Culled from foursquare. Looks Amazing doesn't it?
Seven Eagles Spurs. Culled from foursquare. Looks Amazing doesn’t it?

With a wide range of dishes (their specialty are their Mexican dishes, their steak, their burgers and their deserts. Oh my God!), Spurs is definitely my go-to place in the mall whenever I’m in the mood for a treat.

So, to help myself, I ordered a meal of Fajita with chicken filling. The filling of peppers, tomatoes, onions, and chicken was sizzling hot (seriously, you could hear the sizzle as they placed the dish in front of you, straight from the fire), and the tortillas were so crispy. Put in the filling, layer it with tomatoes and you have a meal that would make you moan :g. Or at least I moaned (Yeah. I’m the girl that makes love to her food. Blame Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love. She turned me into this wanton foodie ;)). The food was that good. I got so carried away, I was halfway done before I remembered to take a picture. See? Now doesn’t that look gorgeous?

Chicken Fajita. Hmmmm. Yummy.
Chicken Fajita. Utterly delicious!

After I finished with my Fajita, I ordered desert, their Log Cabin Waffle. Oh My God :G! I’d died and gone to food heaven. That desert was heavenly. Men would compose Odes to it. Hell I feel an Ode coming on right now. How I love you O Log Cabin Waffle. Let me count thy ways. Thou drizzle with syrup, entice with cream, destroy with thy taste and bring me to my knees with their gooey decadent texture. There should be a religion dedicated to that desert. I mean, look at that picture.

Spurs' Log Cabin Waffle. Talk about a foodgasm :g.
Spurs’ Log Cabin Waffle. Talk about a foodgasm :G.

Doesn’t that do things to you? And to make things even better, it tastes way better than it looks. Yummy :D!

And guess what (Here’s the best part)? That Fajita with the waffle and a bottle of water (I was swimming in enough calories as it is), all cost ₦3,780. Yup You heard me. ₦3,780 for a meal that had me stuffed better than Christmas lunch. I told you it was affordable :D.