On the Leaving of Christina Yang and Why I’m at Peace with it.

Disclaimer: My Series review will contain a lot of spoilers. If you don’t want to know about episodes until you’ve watched them, then don’t read. Read only if you like spoilers or have seen the episode already. These are my thoughts about the episode and my predictions.

Nope. Christina hasn’t left yet. Now we all know that she didn’t renew her contract for after the tenth season and so this season is her last. I was wondering how Shonda was going to write her out. We all know Shonda’s perchance for killing off characters.

Yup. That was me.
Yup. That was me. 

Remember Lexi and Mark anyone?

Anyway, I was worried and praying like hell and after this last episode, I breathed a sigh of relief. Yup, there was hope. Things were alright and Christina would survive. She would still leave though, but with the story that Shonda is writing, I am okay with her leaving.

Last episode had Christina being nominated for the Harper Avery award. All Christina fans did the little dance and the boogie.  Dancing GIFYup. We burst the move. I mean, She and all us have been looking forward to this for so long, and everyone knows that our favourite doctor who deserved this award had worked her ass off to get it. Imagine my dismay when the name of the winner was announced and it wasn’t Christina. I mean, WHAT THE FUCK?

So, here I was steaming and pissed, and then I waited for the next episode and Shonda gives us the true reason why Christina didn’t win the award. I mean, for it to be that she actually got the votes, won the damn thing, but politics didn’t allow her to take her rightful place just because she is working at the hospital?

shaking head gifThat is totally wrong on so many levels.

And that’s the reason why I think Christina will leave. At least I think it is. She is strong, bold and confident and she wants to win the Harper Avery. To realize that she will never get the accolades she worked hard for because Grey Memorial Sloan Hospital is associated with the Harper Avery Foundation is hard. And now that Shonda has worked the story so we can see that Christina has to leave, no matter how much it breaks my heart that it has to happen this way, I am satisfied and at peace. It’s a good enough reason for her to leave and I hope she continues to blaze her way through. She deserves that.

So, I’m looking forward to today’s episode. Hopefully, things would still pick up. But the end of the season is drawing near and I’m so sad, cuz soon we will see Christina go. Need to start looking forward to watching Grey’s from the first episode, Christina’s first appearance in the surgery, and why I fell in love with her.


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